Welcome to Guam Coffee Company.  We are proud to be the main wholesalers of high-quality, specialty coffees to Guam.  Additionally, Guam Coffee Company offers consulting services and provides supplies for:

  • Small-, medium- and large-sized offices
  • Backroom beverages within your commercial or industrial business 
  • Cafe and Restaurant needs for coffee, teas, smoothies, etc.  

High Quality Coffees from Guam Coffee Company.  

Guam Coffee Company has developed our unique espresso roast and our unique dark roast blend, the Taotaomono Blend.  These are samples of customized blends that we can create for your own business - each blend is crafted and will remain unique to your business.  

Guam Coffee Company is constantly monitoring and tasting available coffees from throughout the world - from Africa, South America, Central America and Pacific Rim areas.  Because coffees, like any other crop, are seasonal and dependent upon growing conditions.  Rain patterns, soil, elevations and sun exposure are so critical factors that cause coffee quality to change from season to season. Through our continual tastings, we are committed to bring the best coffees to Guam.

GUAM COFFEE COMPANY is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association

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Guam Coffee Company, LLC

An Island Delight 

Guam Coffee Company's coffees are now available on-line!  A select sampling of Guam Coffee Company's coffees are available on-line through our Web-Store.  Monitor the selection because coffees will change frequently - depending upon seasonal availability.  We can ship directly to you or send for you as a gift to family, friends or business acquaintances    


  1. Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Guji: Juicy fruit aroma, sweet melon, peach, medium body
  2. Indian Monsooned Malabar AA: Opens brightly with gentle acidity, roasted peanuts give way to fresh sweet straw and a light clean finish. Light roast.