The Guam Coffee Company is pursuing work with local coffee growers to promote and reestablish island coffee beans.

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Guam Coffee Company, LLC

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Committed to our Products:

When the Guam Coffee Company was started, we were set out to make a great cup of coffee.  For months, effort was spent to find a specialty coffee roaster that consistently offers high quality beans.  Our coffee doesn't produce your average  cup of joe.  High quality coffee means finding a roaster that works with small farms in remote areas of the world.  In keeping with our core philospohy of ethically responsible practices, we select our beans that come from areas that support social, environmental and economic sustainability; thereby supporting producers that are committed to perpetuate positive changes through small farms, woman-owned farms, and Fair Trade.  We hope you enjoy our coffees, and continue to look at our ever-changing selection of coffees whose availability is influenced by seasonal climate conditions, political stability or economic sustainability.      ‚Äč


Guam Coffee Company is committed to our profession.  We are members of the Specality Coffee Association (SCA).  SCA provides a venue for getting up to date information on the coffee markets, product guidance and training resources necessary to maintain our skills and to keep up to date on trends and information impacting the coffee trade.  We are currently the only coffee business in Guam that is listed as a member of SCA.  

Owner, Ken Payne, trying coffees in Central America

Hafa Adai!

The Guam Coffee Company, LLC, is a Chamorro family-owned business that offers unique and quality coffees from around the world.  

Guam Coffee Company, LLC is located in the PACAIR Properties on the in the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Air Cargo Facility

Try our signature daily grinds brewed freshly to maximize the flavors or treat yourself to one of our featured varieties, high quality coffees from family-based coffee farms located in remote regions of the world.  Come and experience the Island Delight that you've always expected!

Si Yu'us Ma'ase'