Every business wants to be different and wants to offer something that their competitors cannot provide - Guam Coffee Company has a Custom-Blend Program.  In this program, we can work with you to select a private coffee blend that will not be shared or sold to any other customer.  The blend and mixture will remain confidential as developed by GCC and our roaster.   This allows you to have your own logo on the coffee and its label and allows you to effectively promote your business in an absolutely delicious way! 

The Custom-Blend Program, with its private label can be ordered in several different options that include 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 12 oz. packages for retail at your business or for business gifts; and in 3lb to alb sizes for your own café or coffee shop!  

About our Coffees:


Our current coffees currently featured are listed below,  Call us or watch our listing for changes as we discover new coffees.  We also offer a "Select Club" of coffee connoisseurs who have signed up to receive special findings or limited release coffees for their personal enjoyment.  


  • Colombia Popayan Supremo
  • Espresso Blend (GCC's special roast)
  • Taotaomono Blend
  • French Sumatra
  • Italian Roast
  • Moka Java
  • French Roast​​



​French Sumatra

  • Sumatra Mandheling Gr. 1
  • Indian Monsooned Malabar AA
  • Ethiopia Harrar Natural
  • Rwanda
  • Ka'u Fancy or Extra Fancy
  • Brazilian 

GUAM COFFEE COMPANY can provide your business with our standard selection of small-batch, hand-roasted coffees.  Guam Coffee Company is proud to offer high-quality coffees that help to support your business' brand for value and quality.  

We continue to bring in our freshly roasted coffee that is a result of on-going attention to changes to coffee varying growing seasons throughout the globe, climate conditions in each growing region, and monitoring of the roasting process for each coffee very seriously.  Every coffee we offer is imported directly to our roasters from the coffee regions located across the globe.  Working with our roasters, we personally ensure that each order is handled with care and delivered directly to you.



An Island Delight 

Coffees vary from year to year - just like any other fruit. The country-of-origin, the elevations and proximity to tropical environments, the varietal of coffee tree, soils and sun-exposure all factor into selecting a great coffee and bring out characteristics of flavor of the coffee bean.  Once the ripe "cherries" are picked, we look at the processing and drying methods - all of which have a significant influence upon the roast applied to them.  All our coffees are based on the arabica beans, considered the best tires of coffee beans.  These arabica beans may be of the "typica" variety, or "bourbon," "caturra," "Ka'u," or other type of arabica trees.  

During each batch for roasting coffees, roast profiles are kept for each group of coffees.  Our roaster receives the raw coffee beans, charts the cycles of roasting temperatures and roasting times for each batch to insure consistency and optimized flavors for each batch.    

Guam Coffee Company, LLC

With each coffee, we continually conducting "cuppings", or taste tests, of each coffee blend and single-origin coffees.  We check for consistency, and changes brought about from seasonal changes, climate changes, or farm-to-roast process changes.  Sometimes, these changes can bring out amazing differences to the flavor; where we then may select specific coffees for limited feature releases.  

With each season, we are also continually searching for new coffees through our travels or from coffees that are sent to us from other suppliers.  

Want to learn the best ways to grind and brew coffee? Check out our grinding and brewing methods. If you want to learn which coffees suit your tastes, see our Coffee Profiles and Roast Characteristics page. This is our coffee index of the most important aspects of gourmet Arabica bean coffee and the best ways to enjoy it.