Guam Coffee Company can provide coffee-service consultation to plan your new cafe; to supplement your existing business; or to optimize your existing cafe.  We can assist with budgeting, planning, counter layouts and other features that help to build a strong business.

Guam Coffee Company started in 2013, introducing the fine, high quality, small batch roasted coffees through the cafe located on Pale San Vitores Road in Tumon, Guam.  In 2014, Guam Coffee Company opened its wholesale business to supply local restaurants and business coffees, cafe beverages and specialty cafe equipment.  Today, we elected to focus on the wholesale services while still offering our loyal customers the option to purchase our coffees and home equipment in Guam or through our on-line "Guam Coffee Co. Store."  

When you choose Guam Coffee Company, you're enjoying a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts in monitoring, tasting and purchasing small-batch specialty coffee from all over the world.  

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Guam Coffee Company can order and deliver coffee equipment for those interested in specialty equipment in your home.  We can meet with you and demonstrate options for coffee brewing equipment and supplies best suite your personal tastes and budget. We do provide training to operate your new equipment. 



An Island Delight 

Guam Coffee Company provides consulting services to wade through the vast selection of equipment and supplies required for your business.  Our approach is to meet with you, in confidential discussions, and determine which equipment and supplies best suite your business and budget.  Guam Coffee Company can:

  • Assist you to order cafe equipment from espresso machines to blenders.
    • Guam Coffee Company does not order and maintain capital equipment such as espresso machines, ice makers, refrigerators, etc.  
  • We do provide training to operate and set up operational procedures for preventative maintenance to maximize the life of your equipment. 
  • Order, ship and install cafe ware (plates spoons, cups, glasses, etc.) 
  • Order, ship and install consumables  (sweeteners, straws, cups & lids, etc.)

Guam Coffee Company offers a variety of unique blends and single-origin coffees from all over the world.  In addition to offering our Company blends, we can:

  • Create a customized blend for your business with a customized label.
  • Provide bulk coffees for your coffee bar or cafe
  • Provide small packages for your retail sales


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